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The Sebile Bull Crank™ is the “go to” fatbodied crankbait in any shallow to medium water situation. It is the perfect option when bass are aggressively seeking food to nourish before the spawn and through pre-summer periods. The overall shape has a wide body designed to give off a wide action, visually attracting fish from far distances. The Bull Crank is offered in two sizes and two diving depths, arming anglers with tools to target shallow, cruising bass.

  • Low, external weight allows for a lower center of gravity, higher buoyancy potential, and better tracking stability.
  • Square bill allows bait to deflect off cover
  • Bull Crank is silent, with no rattle, crucial for clear, shallow water fishing

SÉBILE® Bull Crank™

Model Number Style Size Lb Test Swim depth (ft) Weight Color Sugg Retail
BCR-AF-SL-2-FL-BCGHFLOATING2"10-65 lb3-5 ft1/2ozBlk Chrome Gold Head6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2-FL-BLRCFLOATING2"10-65 lb3-5 ft1/2ozBlue Red Craw6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2-FL-GBGHFLOATING2"10-65 lb3-5 ft1/2ozGreenback Ghost6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2-FL-SMBSFLOATING2"10-65 lb3-5 ft1/2ozSmokin' Black Shad6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2-FL-SMBCFLOATING2"10-65 lb3-5 ft1/2ozSmokin' Blue Chrome6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2-FL-SMPPFLOATING2"10-65 lb3-5 ft1/2ozSmokin' Purple Pearl6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2-FL-SPBLFLOATING2"10-65 lb3-5 ft1/2ozSpotted Blue Lime6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2-FL-SPCOFLOATING2"10-65 lb3-5 ft1/2ozSpotted Copper6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2-FL-SPMFLOATING2"10-65 lb3-5 ft1/2ozSpotted Mess6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2-FL-YESFLOATING2"10-65 lb3-5 ft1/2ozYellow Shad6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2-FL-BCGHFLOATING2"10-65 lb6-10 ft1/2ozBlk Chrome Gold Head6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2-FL-BLRCFLOATING2"10-65 lb6-10 ft1/2ozBlue Red Craw6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2-FL-GBGHFLOATING2"10-65 lb6-10 ft1/2ozGreenback Ghost6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2-FL-SMBSFLOATING2"10-65 lb6-10 ft1/2ozSmokin' Black Shad6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2-FL-SMBCFLOATING2"10-65 lb6-10 ft1/2ozSmokin' Blue Chrome6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2-FL-SMPPFLOATING2"10-65 lb6-10 ft1/2ozSmokin' Purple Pearl6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2-FL-SPBLFLOATING2"10-65 lb6-10 ft1/2ozSpotted Blue Lime6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2-FL-SPCOFLOATING2"10-65 lb6-10 ft1/2ozSpotted Copper6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2-FL-SPMFLOATING2"10-65 lb6-10 ft1/2ozSpotted Mess6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2-FL-YESFLOATING2"10-65 lb6-10 ft1/2ozYellow Shad6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2.1/2-FL-BCGHFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb4-7 ft1/2ozBlk Chrome Gold Head6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2.1/2-FL-BLRCFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb4-7 ft1/2ozBlue Red Craw6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2.1/2-FL-GBGHFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb4-7 ft1/2ozGreenback Ghost6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2.1/2-FL-SMBSFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb4-7 ft1/2ozSmokin' Black Shad6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2.1/2-FL-SMBCFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb4-7 ft1/2ozSmokin' Blue Chrome6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2.1/2-FL-SMPPFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb4-7 ft1/2ozSmokin' Purple Pearl6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2.1/2-FL-SPBLFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb4-7 ft1/2ozSpotted Blue Lime6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2.1/2-FL-SPCOFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb4-7 ft1/2ozSpotted Copper6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2.1/2-FL-SPMFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb4-7 ft1/2ozSpotted Mess6.95
BCR-AF-SL-2.1/2-FL-YESFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb4-7 ft1/2ozYellow Shad6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2.1/2-FL-BCGHFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb8-12 ft1/2ozBlk Chrome Gold Head6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2.1/2-FL-BLRCFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb8-12 ft1/2ozBlue Red Craw6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2.1/2-FL-GBGHFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb8-12 ft1/2ozGreenback Ghost6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2.1/2-FL-SMBSFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb8-12 ft1/2ozSmokin' Black Shad6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2.1/2-FL-SMBCFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb8-12 ft1/2ozSmokin' Blue Chrome6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2.1/2-FL-SMPPFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb8-12 ft1/2ozSmokin' Purple Pearl6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2.1/2-FL-SPBLFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb8-12 ft1/2ozSpotted Blue Lime6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2.1/2-FL-SPCOFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb8-12 ft1/2ozSpotted Copper6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2.1/2-FL-SPMFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb8-12 ft1/2ozSpotted Mess6.95
BCR-AF-ML-2.1/2-FL-YESFLOATING2 1/2"10-65 lb8-12 ft1/2ozYellow Shad6.95

Lip Descriptions: Small Lip [SL] ; Medium Lip [ML] ; Big Round Lip [BRL] ; Long Lip [LL] ; Very Long Lip [VLL] ; Medium Runner [MR] ; Deep Runner [DR] ; Shallow Runner [SR] ; No lip [NO] ;

Recommended for: Bass, Walleye, Striper, Redfish, Speckled trout, Snook, Pike and other predator species.



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